Admission General Information


Admission process for International students

Necessary documents:

  • Academic certificate and transcripts sealed and confirmed by embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in the country of the applicant
  • Filling the application form uploaded in the following website:

  • Two recommendation letters from professors in the previous courses (Specifically for applicant in Master's or Ph.D. program)
  • Scientific resume of the applicant (as well as applicant's published papers and proposal – specifically for Ph.D. applicants)
  • Personal photo
  • Images of all pages of the passport


Registration in the "General Qualification Website" of Non-Iranian Students' Affairs Organization in:

Registration Steps:

  • Go to
  • Register in "Registration of non-Iranian Students" section. Visit:
  • Start registering and fill blanks completely, correctly and carefully
  • Upload your documents:
  • Photo
  • Photo of passport
  • Photo of certificate and transcription

    Note: all documents for uploading should be provided in jpg format, less than 100 kb.
    Note: if registration is done completely and successfully, applicant will be received registration code. This code should be informed to International Academic Collaboration Affairs for following next steps through this e-mail:
    Note that the applicant must choose Alzahra University on the website.


The direct link of the mentioned website is uploaded in the International Academic Collaborations website of Alzahra University with the following URL of Applicants can simply click on the attached logo and begin their registration.

The education fields and departments of Alzahra can be found in the following website:


Getting Education Visa:

1. After finishing the process of accepting at Alzahra University (scholarship or non-scholarship), visa application form will be sent to applicant by IAC.

2. Completed form along with personal photo and scan of passport will be sent to "Organization of non-Iranian Students' Affairs" by this office for issuing visa code.

3. "Organization of non-Iranian Students' Affairs" will inform visa code to IAC of Alzahra University.

4. Applicants will be informed about visa code by this office.

Applicant then can go to Islamic Republic of Iran Embassy to get Education Visa.

Short-term Courses:

Alzahra University welcomes holding short-term courses such as workshops after the necessary negotiation and coordination.

Educational Tuition chart of non-scholarship international students (2019-2020)



Tuition in Dollar (per semester)

Tuition in Tomans (per semester)






Engineering, Science and Art









Engineering, Science and Art









Engineering, Science and Art






  1. Tuition fees for Persian Language students at all three levels will be 80% of the approved tuition fee.
  2.  The tuition of top students (first to third) can be lessened up to 50%.
  3.  The discount of 20% of the total tuition fee (by the end of the academic years) for each student whose one of her family members enters to this university during her education.
  4.  The Discount of 10% for the rest of the academic years for the student (under the condition of the third article), due to her presence at this university, the second student has registered.       
  5. If a student from Alzahra University is being accepted in higher level of education at this university, she will pay 85% of approved tuition until the end of her education years.

Conditions of learning Persian language:

International Center of Learning Persian Language of Alzahra University

Three months training courses: 360 education hours for international students

3/000/000 (Tomans)


Accommodation fee chart:

Dormitory cost per room for one to three students

300/000 to 500/000 (Tomans)


Under the Free Tariff of Alzahra University


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