Altanal - Alzahra Language Proficiency Test

Altanal - Alzahra Language Proficiency Test



Necessity of this test

 Specialized exams at different levels of education, in addition to selecting the best for higher education capacities and opportunities, can guide formal education and enhance their quality level.

 Scientific justice is achieved by choosing the best and discovering the talents and enhancing the scientific potential of the candidates and promoting them.


Alzahra Memorandum of Understanding

Alzahra University, in pursuit of scientific justice and proper instruction in Arabic language and making its humanities graduates more efficient, signed an agreement with Altanal Arabic Center to conduct standard Arabic proficiency tests.  After reviewing the documents in the Iranian ministry of universities, the test was approved and declared valid for two academic years. According to the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Alzahra University and Altanal Center, these two scientific centers will be:

 Holding four language skills assessment jointly

 Holding courses (especially for faculty and trainers)

 Holding intensive training courses on skills


Introducing Alzahra – Altanal Arabic test

This test is completely electronic and includes:

1) Listening 2) Reading and Understanding + Vocabulary and Grammar 3) Speaking Skills 4) Writing

Designing all the questions and evaluating the exam is the responsibility of Altanal Center.


Skill table (Number of Questions / Mode / Answer Time)

Listening skills; Electronic question 1 minute

Reading Skills; Electronic Question 2 Minutes

Ability to write

Ability to speak


   Introducing the Altanal Center

 This Jordanian center was established in 2013.

 Has active representation in more than 5 countries.

 Member of ALTE. (European Language Examination Organization)

 The exam is approved by the Jordanian Union of Universities and the Ministry of Higher Education in Jordan.

The center works in the following areas:

 Assessment of four language skills for Arab and non-Arabic speakers using Arabic language specialists specializing in language skills and test and curriculum development

 Holding knowledge courses to enhance the skills of lecturers and train the testing staff

 Holding intensive courses to improve the Arabic language of target groups

 Increased proficiency for test takers

 Preparation of a set of non-Arabic language proficiency test preparation books


Steps to take the test

Pre-test step

 Two weeks prior to the test, announcements will be published in a traditional and virtual way to register.

 Registration is through the Alzahra and Altanal system

 After the registration, a card is issued.

 At least one hour before the test, the candidate is required to attend the venue.

 Pre-test verbal and written explanations are provided through the system as well as experts present at the venue.

The stage of holding

 Al Zahra University has set up an independent site to conduct the test in the best possible way.

 For one person each volunteer one expert

 After entering the test site, the candidate must be placed behind a system that has been defined in advance by the Altanal Center.


Step after the test

 Completing the electronic form of evaluation of the test

 Announce the results of the test after two week

 Evaluation of the test by two independent Iranian and Arabic teams to assess the validity and reliability


Target groups

Arabic students in three bachelor's / master's / doctoral degrees

  - Students of Theology / Farsi Language / Islamic History / International Relations (Middle East)

Cultural and media experts ... working in public and non-governmental organizations (Islamic Culture and Relations Organization / Ministry of Foreign Affairs ..)

 Arabic teachers in schools all over the country

Tour Operators (Pilgrimage, Medicine ..)

Religious missionaries sent to Muslim Arab countries

 Experts of the Hajj Ministry

 Employment and recruitment volunteers in Arab groups

Professors who are interested in promoting science


Test time

The Alzahra-Altanal test is held at least twice: early summer and mid-autumn

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