Alumni Dr. Elham Fakhari

Dr. Elham Fakhari

Dr. Fakhari got her MA and PhD degrees in educational psychology in 2009 and 2016 from Alzahra University and is currently a member of the Islamic Council of Tehran, Rey and Tajrish and a university professor.

Her brief background
• Winning the award certificate in the photo and film festival of university students of Iran, 1999
• Winning the award certificate of artistic and cultural activities of university students in periodical employment exam, ranking 9th, 2002
• Elected as the alternate member of the second Islamic Council of Isfahan, 2006
• The top Entrepreneur of Isfahan
• Top MA graduate in educational psychology, Alzahra Universities, 2012
• Top  PhD graduate in psychology,  Alzahra Universities, 2016
• Winning the certificate award of entrepreneurs office, Tehran Chamber of Commerce, 2014

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