Alumni Dr. Susan Seyf

Dr. Susan Seyf

A BA graduate in psychology from Girls College (Alzahra University) in 1976, Dr. Seyf is currently a retired professor of Alzahra University. One of the conference halls of the university has been named after Dr. Susan Seyf in commemoration of her valuable services. Her portrait is also painted on one of the walls of the university as a tribute.

Her brief background
• Head of the faculty of psychology and education, Alzahra University, 1992-2005
• Head of graduate studies, Alzahra University
• Member of the committee of consultants to the Iranian institute of psychiatry
• Member of the special education curriculum committee (with specialty in emotional disorders, learning disabilities, mental retardation & multiple disabilities), ministry of higher education
• Member of the research committee of Special Education Organization
• Member of Iranian Association of Psychology

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