Alzahra University Disabled Graduate in Public Relations Interview

Alzahra University Disabled Graduate in Public Relations Interview




The university reinforced the belief that we could succeed in sports despite our disabilities


Alzahra University, in support of students with disabilities, has provided them with the appropriate conditions for regular and appropriate physical activity with the aim of motivating and reducing the secondary effects of disability.

Public Relations had an interview with Mohadese Abedini Graduated student of School of Quranic Sciences and Hadith from Alzahra University who, despite physical limitations, received honors in swimming.
From what year did you start your sports activities?
I was not born with congenital problems, and I had been experiencing this disorder for about two years, doing individual sports activities, but after having a lack of vision, I had some mental problems. And the lack of facilities for the exercise of the disabled at our place of residence, these activities were minimized.
After being accepted at Alzahra University and learning about the conditions and facilities of the Department of Physical Education for Aboriginal Students and the frequent follow-up and encouragement of its officials to perform sports, I was motivated to practice swimming, and the process began for me in Year 5 . In the same year, I was able to become one of the first 2 students with disabilities to compete in all universities of the country, and then won the swimming indoor championships in years 1, 2, and 4.
How effective has the role of Alzahra University  in motivating  students with disabilities to perform sports?
Alzahra University, with the conditions and facilities it provides to these students, reinvigorated us with the belief that, despite physical limitations, we could work in our favorite sports and be successful.
Powerful students, because of their physical problems, have a sensitive and vulnerable spirit, and their attention and  interests can have a very positive impact on their morale.
For me, having lived through two periods of life and experiencing a health problem afterwards and naturally feeling very mentally impaired, motivation and self-esteem provided.
The department's physical education staff are very compassionate in their pursuit of able-bodied students and are constantly lovingly motivating and nurturing students.
How do you evaluate the performance of the physical education department in relation to students with disabilities, and what suggestions do you have for improving it?
In my opinion, the Department of Physical Education has a very good performance because it has provided us with both good financial and spiritual conditions and on the one hand it has been a constant motivation to continue.
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