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Biology Laboratories


The industrial microbiology laboratory, located in Dr. Sepehr Laboratory complex, was established with various purposes such as investigating the use of micro-organisms in processes such as bio-remediation, the elimination of heavy metals, fermentation process, metabolite extraction, identification of environmental contaminators and methods to deal with them, as well as the use of microbial metabolites in biotechnology. The many pieces of equipment in the laboratories enable the students to carry out various types of research projects.  This laboratory complex includes a variety of evaluative and analytic equipment such as spectrophotometry, termocycler, scales of different types, Elisa plate readers, PH meter, different types of microscopes, centrifuge, microfuge, and equipment that preserve temperature and moisture for the growth of microorganisms such as fore, laboratory water bath, shakers, and laboratory hoods.

The complex consists of the following laboratories:          

  1. Laboratories located inside the faculty building
    • Laboratory of plant physiology 
    • Laboratory of plant systematics
    • Laboratory of plant tissue culture 
    • Plant growth room
    • Essence and extraction laboratory 
    • Plant research laboratory (102)
    • Centrifuge room 
    • Zoology laboratory
    • Animal physiology and cell biology laboratory 
    • General microbiology laboratory 
    • Cell culture laboratory
    • Plant physiology research laboratory 
    • Plant systematics research laboratory 
    • The genetics laboratory 
    • Herbarium 
    • Laboratory of biochemistry: ultravioletvisible spectroscopy, lyophilizer, sonicator bath, centrifuge
  2. Dr. Shayesteh Sepehr Laboratory Complex
    • The industrial microbiology laboratory: gas chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), capillary electrophoresis
    • The microbiology laboratory (environmental & medical)
    • Eukaryote laboratory 
    • Cell culture laboratory 
    • Computational biology laboratory: various bio-informatic calculations including homology modeling, molecular docking and molecular dynamic stimulation
    • Molecular genetics lab: cloning and gene expression, evaluation of gene expression, bacterial and fungus strain identification
      Equipment: real-time PCR, thermocycler page, agarose gel electrophoresis.
  3. Purification laboratory (research lab): ultravioletvisible spectrophotometer, different types of electrophoresis, microbial hood, incubator shakers (normal and refrigerated)
  4. Biophysics laboratory