Inauguration of the 3rd Round Mustafa Prize at Alzahra University

Inauguration of the 3rd Round Mustafa Prize at Alzahra University


Mustafa Prize ceremony is inaugurated at Alzahra University with the participation of Saied Reza Ameli, the secretary of The Supreme Cultural Revolution Council, Mahdi Safarinia, president of the Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation, Saeed Sohrabpour, scientific secretary of the 6th round STEP,  and more than 70 foreign guests from 35 countries, 700 native guests, the previous Mustafa Prize Laureates, scientists, specialists, university chancellors, faculty heads, professors, and university students.


This distinguished event of the Islamic World and some other several programs were held in the morning on 9 November, 2019, simultaneous with Islamic Unity Week, at the International Conference Hall at Al-Zahra University.

 Also, the two workshops of "Guide to Write a Good Manuscript for Journal Submission" by Lee Keat and in SafarZadeh Conference Room and "Interactive CV Workshop" by kholoud Al-Jamal in Parvin Etesami Conference Room are held in the afternoon.

Moreover, two panel discussions are held regarding "Inspiring women in science, technology and innovation" and "Priorities of Science and Technology Cooperation Network in the Islamic World".

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