International Photo Exhibition at Alzahra University

International Photo Exhibition at Alzahra University


Dr. Dianat, a faculty member at the Alzahra University Faculty of the Arts, explained the exhibition

This project have started two years ago. Eleven students from Alzahra and eleven students from Mainz University participated in the project. Fereshteh Dianat (A member of Alzahra University) and Judith Samen (A member of Mainz University) have been conducting the project as professors. They themselves participated in such an amazing project. During past two years photos were sent via drop box, and finally some of the best ones were selected and showed in the galley. At first, these photo series were shown at the gallery of art at Mainz University in July; and now they are being shown at the gallery of Art at Alzahra University.  This cooperation shows it does not matter where on the earth you have lived, what your language is, as art (here photography) can make a bridge between different continents, languages, cultures and religions, and it is interesting.




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