Pushkin Russian Language Teaching and Testing Center- Alzahra Branch


Pushkin State Russian Language Institute is one of the accredited Russian academic centres established in 1966. This higher education institute is one of the six members of the consortium which is officially in charge of administering placement and proficiency tests of Russian language. Pushkin institute includes 5 faculties and 10 departments. It has a Russian language teacher education center, the center of promotion of Russian language, and the center of advanced technologies for the teaching of Russian. Following the signing of an MoU by Alzahra University and Pushkin institute, Alzahra University is now a collaborating partner of Pushkin institute to teach Russian language in Iran. Dr. Saeedeh Dastamooz, assistant professor of Russian language at Alzahra University, is currently representing the Pushkin institute in the university.

There are currently 38 member countries in the collaboration network of Pushkin institute. Alzahra university is not only a member of this network and hence collaborate with Pushkin institute in teaching Russian in Iran, but also the only certified partner of this institute in Iran for the administration of standardized Russian language tests

It is worth noting that taking the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) is a requirement for those who intend to immigrate to Russia or study at Russian universities. Since Russian is the official second language in some other countries like, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kirgizstan, Kazakhstan and Belarus, acceptable scores on TORFL can also be of use in those countries.


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