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Some Recent International Activities of the Literature Faculty

  • Publication of several books and edited volumes of the faculty members by the internationally renowned publishers like Springer, De gruyter and Lexington books
  • Participation of the graduates of Arabic department in the 5th international conference of Arabic language in UAE
  • Participation of the Iraqi poet Adnan al-Saegh in the faculty for an invited speech
  • Presentation of Dr. Kalashi the faculty member of the department of Russian language in the international seminar of Iran and Russia: Interaction in a Multidimensional World
  • Presentation of Dr. Panahi and Dr. Faghih Marzban in the conference of Islamic Mysticism in India
  • Winning the best performance award by the students of French department in the first students' French theatre festival
  • Participation of Dr. Ahmadi, faculty member of the French department in the educational management intensive course in Paris
  • Meeting of the students and professors of French department with the representative of the French language section of French Embassy in Tehran
  • Holding the first international conference on clinical phonology and morphology by the department of linguistics
  • Presentation of Dr. Marandi, faculty member of the English department, in the World CALL conference in Chile
  • Participation of Dr. Mirhosseini, faculty member of English department, as an invited speaker in the 12th International Language and Development Conference in Senegal
  • Participation of Dr. Shirazizadeh, faculty member of English department, in the two-week summer school of the Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut
  • Participation of Prof. Alexey Nikolaevich Varlamov, the president of Maxim Gorky institute of literature, in Alzahra University and the faculty of literature following an invitation by the department of Russian language.
  • Invited presentation by Ahmad Qasir, a Lebanese researcher, on the topic of the role of Lebanese youth in the history of Lebanese resistance