Tehran hosts 6th STEP meetings

Tehran hosts 6th STEP meetings


Quoted from MSTF Media


The 6th round of the Science and Technology Exchange Program (STEP) in Islamic countries started work in the presence of 70 scholars from 30 countries in Alzahra University on Saturday.


It is the first time that the event is being held with cooperation of nine universities and prestigious research centers in Iran.

Addressing the meeting Saeed Sohrabpour, Secretary of STEP meeting, said the event is being held with collaboration of the executive secretariat and with the attendance of 70 scientists in the field of scientific cooperation, financing science and technology, water, energy, environment, health and women.

The mentioned panels will be held in Alzahra University, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Sharif University of Technology, Imam Sadiq University and Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting University.

Holding over 20 meetings of the scientific committees in STEP in the presence of over 60 scientists and experts is among advantages of the current event, Sohrab­pour noted.

He went on to say that two symposiums in genetics and Nano-technology fields, over 30 lectures, workshops, nine expert panels and more than 20 joint meetings together with seven visits from scientific centers will also be held.

Elsewhere in his remarks, he referred to STEP Net aiming to prepare the opportunity for creating a network between scientists and experts in science and technology fields.

It is worth noting that Secretary of Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution Saied Reza Ameli, Secretary of Policy-making council of Mustafa Prize Mahdi Safari Nia elaborated on the objectives of the current event.

Referring to the presence of more than 100 scholars from more than 30 countries in the current round of Mustafa Prize and Mahdi SafariNia said Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation has decided to create a network of activists in the field of science and technology for taking advantage of the Islamic World capabilities.


Some of these activities will be held in the framework of STEP and in the field of health, water and energy and the other one in the framework of Exposure of Industries to Scientists' Achievements (EISA).



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