The Institute of Economic Studies


The Institute of Economic Studies works under the supervision of the office of the vice-chancellor for research and includes four departments:
• Studies of Inequality, Poverty and Corruption
• Economic Modelling and its Applications
• Social Economics
• Agent-based Modelling in Economics

Missions and Visions

• Conducting research on the various aspects of local and international economic challenges and providing solutions
• Developing instructional materials, publishing academic journals and preparing multimedia sources on economic topics
• Holding conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops to promote awareness of economic issues
• Educating skilled and knowledgeable researchers in the various fields of economics

What do we do in the Institute of Economic Studies?

A model is a theoretical structure to explain the relationships among a set of variables. An economic model is a framework to show and justify the complex procedures through mathematical and statistical methods. Lack of practical, up-to-date and specialized research and models is one of the major shortcomings of many economic decision making and planning bodies and a serious cause of failure in various systems. Designing comprehensive and locally appropriate models of Iranian economy provides the required conditions for the optimal employment of resources and making judicious decisions to solve economic challenges. Our departments at the Institute of Economic Studies are highly dedicated to investigating the economic systems and their challenges and playing active roles in offering research-based solutions. More specifically, they pursue the following goals:

• Designing and implementing various models on the interaction of social, political, behavioral, managerial and economic issues which are based on real life contexts and can be the basis of practical solutions.
• publishing the recent economic finding in journal articles and books

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