Urmia Branch History

Urmia is one of the oldest Iranian  metropolises with a long history of more than 3000 years. The city is registered in UNESCO as one of the 19 historical cities of Iran.
Urmia is a four season city with hot summers and very cold winters. Located near the Qafqaz crossroad, Mesopotamia, and the lake of Urmia, the city enjoys a very good geopolitical and international location which puts its international airport at the hub of the region.
In order to develop women's higher education in the northwest of Iran, Urmia branch of Alzahra University was officially launched in 2014. Since its establishment, this branch has admitted MA students in five majors. The major objective of the Urmia branch of Alzahra University is to develop academic collaborations with other international academic centers in the world through exchanging students and professors, establishing joint programs and holding joint academic events.

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