Admission Requirements


Necessary documents:

  • Academic certificate and transcripts sealed and confirmed by embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in the country of the applicant. Please consider that after receiving the acceptance from the university, applicant should bring the original sealed and confirmed transcript and academic certificate.
  • Filling the application form uploaded in the following website:
  • Two recommendation letters from professors in the previous courses (Specifically for applicant in Master's or Ph.D. program)
  • Scientific resume of the applicant (as well as applicant's published papers and proposal – specifically for Ph.D. applicants)
  • Personal photo
  • Images of all pages of the passport

Important: while providing above documents, applicant should register at the following website.

Registration in the "General Qualification Website" of Non-Iranian Students' Affairs Organization in:

Registration Steps:

Note: all documents for uploading should be provided in jpg format, less than 100 kb.

Note: if registration is done completely and successfully, applicant will be received registration code. This code should be informed to International Academic Collaboration Affairs for following next steps through this e-mail:

Note that the applicant must choose Alzahra University on the website.

The direct link of the mentioned website is uploaded in the International Academic Collaborations Website of Alzahra University with the following URL of Applicants can simply click on the attached logo and begin their registration.

The education fields and departments of Alzahra can be found in the following website:

The Office of scholarships and supervision of international students: