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my trip in Hanoi Vietnam

After one hour of flight from Korea we arrived in Vietnam we just stayed in the airport as we can’t go out, we need a visa to do it. Plus we are only going to wait for few hours then we have to board another plane to Vietnam, we just roam around the departure area after having our passport stamped in the Vietnam visa section, I walked ahead of my husband when we went down the departure area, when I reached in the water fountain  a Vietnamese guy riding the airport cart say something to me in their language as I can’t understand what he is trying to say I just look at him and left the place. I felt a little scared thinking I violated something in the airport, you know the news about my countrymen being sentenced in Vietnam scares me.
So, I walked back to my husband and asked him to snap a photo of me in front of the water fountain, it turns out that the guy in the cart is asking me if I want a ride that’s how I understand it after seeing few people riding the cart and when my husband told me it cost $2 for each person.
Then when we are tired walking around we decided to find a place to eat, we found Cafe Sambal by the airport map they served Indonesian food and other Asian food, we actually missed it because we are looking for a restaurant and not an open place like this.
Anyway, we ordered one whole Hainan chicken and two order of Indonesian fried rice, they served one plate of rice and then the chicken followed.  It seems they forgot that we have two order of rice so we asked for it before my husband starved.
The Indonesian fried rice has a little barbecue on the side, it tasted good but there’s a strong smell and taste into it. It is familiar to me I just cannot recall what is it but I know it is a seasoning added to fried rice.
Eating in the airport is really expensive the amount we pay here is already a lot of food if we eat in Minfuju Restaurant located in Apricot Hotel, Vietnam. Well like what I have said I kept on whining about our room in the hotel I can’t sleep well, for dinner time we decided to walk outside the to look for another place to eat, when there’s a lot of people everywhere and planes are just above my head. We’re looking for a restaurant who served a Peking duck but can’t find any, so we ended on the same restaurant just in the vicinity of our hotel. Unlike with our lunch, we just ordered few things because I still feel bloated and you are not going to be surprised why I gained weight after our travel to North Korea because all I did is to eat in Vietnam and North Korea as well.
After a not so long flight we landed in Vietnam’s Airport and the Vietnamese clapped their hands the moment the plane reached the ground. Maybe sign of joy being landed safely, after getting all our things we directly went to some booth to book for a hotel near the airport and eventually asked if they can book us a tour to Peking Man site, sad to say the place is really far that we can’t make it especially we have an early flight tomorrow.
So, the lady eventually finds us a hotel in Hanoi to stay with free drop out to airport tomorrow, when we arrived at the hotel the room given to us looks just fine not until we plugged our laptop and found out there’s no internet connection so we our transferred to adjacent room, still looks fine not until I lay on the bed and start scratching. Waaah, the bed feels buggy, it feels like there’s tiny creature crawling to your skin. I keep whining the whole time we are inside the hotel. Anyway, after a while we decided to eat our lunch, we had a feast to say thank you we are still alive after the visit to North Korea. What I mean we are both hungry no breakfast just snack in the plane so here are the foods we ate.