Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center



The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center of Alzahra University has two units of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (KARNO), and Employment and Skills Development (TAM). With the role of guiding and supporting students and in line with the university's strategic plan the center pursues following goals:

  1. Identify abilities and competencies of students and help them to follow an appropriate career path
  2.  Identify students with talents in entrepreneurship and offer programs for their innovative entrepreneurship activities
  3. Support students' startup teams and create a flourishing environment for their transformation
  4. Make students familiar with successful business models in their field
  5. Support innovative and entrepreneurial professors to start a business
  6. Help strengthening students' general and specialized skills based on job market needs and develop a training program for each program

- Organizing and holding training programs for development of individual and general skills

- Organizing and holding specialized training programs required by labor market

7- Promote the culture of entrepreneurship and try to change the attitude of university members including professors, staff and students

  1. Help in startups of university businesses
  2. Help startup teams to attract investors
  3. Encourage professors and students to establish knowledge-based companies and support them
  4. Create a dynamic and motivational environment for students and encourage them to think entrepreneurially

12-Conduct entrepreneurship research according to regional and national needs with emphasis on women's entrepreneurship

  • Center Programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Karno)

- Execution of pre-acceleration and acceleration programs named Yas

- Holding start-up shows for each faculty according to their specialized disciplines with the aim of finding innovative business ideas

- Holding continuous monthly lectures by entrepreneurs with the aim of motivating and transferring knowledge

- Screening videos related to entrepreneurship and innovation

- Visiting successful companies and industries based on requests from student's scientific associations

- Offering knowledge-enhancing courses for professors with a focus on entrepreneurship and innovation

- Holding events related to challenges of industries to strengthen students' vision

- Holding various competitions related to entrepreneurship and innovation

- Translating and writing books related to entrepreneurship and innovation

- Collaboration in research activities related to entrepreneurship with third parties

- Making and sharing an electronic newsletter

- Organizing seminars and conferences on different occasions to promote entrepreneurial culture


  • Center Programs in Employment and Skills Development (Tam)

- Holding job development workshops

- Offering career counseling

- Making effective communication with employers and applicants

- Advertising Internship programs

- Identifying labor market needs

      - Establishing a database of job candidates from students and graduates




Our mission is to provide a platform for students to discover their potential and help them become active by acquiring specialized skills in entrepreneurship and business operation. Promoting and spreading entrepreneurial thinking and culture among students and professors and employees with a belief in social responsibility are at forefront of our activities. In the employment development and skills training (Tom) department, our mission is to establish effective relation among those seeking skilled labor and students and graduates of Al-Zahra University. Tam seeks to respond to labor market dynamics by identifying the demand side of labor market and offering skill based and job training courses.



The Innovation and Prosperity Center of Alzahra University's vision for 1404 focuses on two main areas.

- Becoming a reliable and trustworthy center for start-ups and fostering actualization of talents

- Playing a role in social responsibility and reduce unemployment of alumni


Acceleration programs

Acceleration programs include courses that help people with business ideas and startups to identify their needs and recognize market opportunities and develop their ideas. In addition, teams can benefit from the guidance of business mentors as well as technical advisors. In short, teams will do the following activities until the end of the program:

- Team building

- Validation of the idea

- Business model canvas

      - Income model

- Recognize customers and market research

- Minimum acceptable product

- Presenting a business plan










 Career development


Are you worried about your employment after graduation?


The good news is your worries are right and you are in the right place. You should know that you are not alone and Tam will do the best it can to help you get ready for the job market. By holding various courses and workshops, Tam tries to provide a ground for your empowerment. Furthermore, Tam facilitates your entrance in job market by making connections between you and your potential employers. Your job is to keep in touch with us, attend courses and workshops, and work hard to empower yourself.

One of the easiest ways to gain experience as a student is to take advantage of student job opportunities. Tam tries to introduce you to these opportunities through effective communication with other units on campus. To find out about these opportunities, follow us on the site, Telegram channel and Instagram page with the ID of @karno_alzahra.


Tam intends to sign memoranda of understanding with various companies and organizations to provide students with opportunities for gaining professional experience. These agreements are intended to bridge the gap between job seekers and job offers. Because many companies prefer to hire their workforce through internships, setting up internships and hiring through them is the subject of these agreements. To find out more about internships and employment opportunities, follow Tam news in social media mentioned above.


Visit Tam to use counseling services such as career development counseling, and advice in personal growth and how to succeed in job interviews. You need to book an appointment in advance.




Address: Innovation and Prosperity Center, Alzahra University, Deh Vanak, Vanak Square,Tehran, Iran.

Phone: 88626944- 88696260


Telegram: karno_alzahra

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