Alzahra laboratories consist of the central lab and different labs that includes Physics and Chemistry faculty, Biology faculty, Social science and Economy faculty, Literature faculty, Physical education faculty, Psychology faculty and Women research institute

Its mission is to provide and maintain state-of-the-art research equipment that strengthens teaching and research in the sciences and, service research and development activities nationwide. Also it is to meet the analysis needs of the universities, research centers, industry, public institutions and organizations and third persons within the possibilities of the center.
Alzahra University Central Laboratory is used by students, graduate students and academics to meet the cutting edge research needs of the university towards attaining the developmental objectives of our nation in the 21st century and beyond. The Laboratory facilities have no doubt enhanced the research profile of the university, enabling it to provide strategic leadership in Research and Development activities that have earned it recognition both nationally and internationally. The Central laboratory has the device, technical support and knowledge that the researchers need in their studies such as projects with the updated technological and fundamental laboratory equipment. Analyzing the equipment services as follows are ready to serve researchers, researchers and applicants. It includes a rich and broad selection of resources in different fields of technology as in physics, chemistry, biology, engineering (industrial and Metallurgical) and medical.


Contact Information:

Manager: Dr. Fakhrisadat Hoseini
Tel  : (+9821) 85692825
Official :(+9821) 85692909  &   (+9821)88623205
Administrative Assistant: Ms Maryam Darvishan

Technisian (SEM / AFM /  BET & Magnetron Sputtering): Ms. Ramona NikKensal
Tel : (+98)9212049703

Technisian (Raman & XRD) :Ms Somayeh Farazpour

Telegram: @ramanalzahra