Useful Information for International Students

Founded in 1964 as "Girls' College", Alzahra University is one of the prominent institutions of higher education in Iran dedicated to educating learned and lively women. There are currently around 10000 students studying 160 majors in 10 faculties at Alzahra university. There are also 2 research centers in this university. More than 380 full-time faculty members are also working in 49 departments which offer degree programs at bachelor's, master's and PhD levels. Of all the faculty members, 50% are assistant professors, 35% associate professors and 15% full professors.

Alzahra university has aimed at providing all the necessary requirements for girls to pursue their educational dreams and become intellectually capable, spiritually committed and socially responsible and active. Our graduates are thus well prepared to play leading roles in their future careers not only as successful leaders, teachers, researchers, psychologists, managers, businesswomen, engineers, lawyers, etc. but also as admirable mothers, wives, daughters, sisters and more importantly citizens. The university's mission in women's empowerment is also reflected in its employment policies as two thirds of the professors and most of the non-academic staff are women.

The number of International students who are studying for a degree at Alzahra University is about 130. Among them, 50 students are studying at Bachelor program, 65 students are at Master program, and 10 students are doing their Doctorate program.

International students of Alzahra University are from Afghanistan, Iraq, Turkey, China, Syria, Ukraine, Pakistan, Korea, France, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Senegal, Lebanon, India, Nigeria, Vietnam, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan.

International Affairs: Alzahra university has eagerly welcomed international relations and cooperation with universities and scientific centers in different parts of the world. Admission of a larger number of international students has also been one of the missions of the university in the past decades the way of which has been better paved by building new residential facilities for these students and establishing the international center of the teaching of Persian.

Accommodation: Built in an area of 14 hectares, the university includes advanced laboratories, cyber cafés, pools, gyms, bicycle trail, restaurants, rich libraries, art gallery, workshops, dormitories and in-campus bank, post office and kindergarten. It is worth mentioning that the dormitories and all of the mentioned accommodation are located in a campus at Alzahra University. Tuition chart of accommodation is available in general information at

Language centers: national and international students and all applicants can benefit from the international center of the teaching of Persian Language and the branch of Pushkin State Russian Language Institute at Alzahra University. For further information about Persian Language Learning courses please email .

International applicants who are interested in studying at Alazhra University: 

Education visa:

All of the accepted applicants for studying at Alzahra University should have Education visa and all of the process will be done by the office of international students' supervision. For having information about the visa, you can read the general information at and correspond with .