Literature Faculty of Alzahra University


The faculty of literature is among the first few faculties of Alzahra university whose establishment dates back to 1963. Starting its work as "the faculty of translation of foreign languages and secretarial studies", the faculty was initially limited to the two foreign languages of English and French. It, however, was gradually expanded by launching more degree programs and later on renamed. Theology and Persian literature were the first two fields of study added to the faculty in 1985. History (in 1990), Arabic language and literature (in 1997), Linguistics (in 2003) and teaching Persian to the speakers of other languages (in 2008) were the next majors added to the faculty, complementing its diversity in offering educational services. In 2000, theology was separated from the faculty of literature and established an independent faculty of its own. Presently, the faculty includes 5 departments which offer degree programs at BA, MA and PhD levels.








History of Islam



History of Islamic Iran



Arabic language and literature

Arabic translation



English language and literature


Teaching English as a Foreign Language


Russian language



General Linguistics


Teaching Persian to the Speakers of other languages



Persian Language and literature

Mystical literature



French translation