The department of Psychology was one of the first departments that started its educational activities simultaneous with the establishment of the university in 1964. Counselling, psychology of children with disabilities, and industrial psychology were the three bachelor's degree programs offered by the department on those early years.

After the cultural revolution in 1983, the department of psychology along with the departments of library sciences and education was incorporated into the faculty of literature. It was, however. in 1993 that the faculty of education and psychology was established as an independent section of the university including five separate departments and offering degree programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.

There are currently 42 full time faculty members (4 professors, 14 associate professors, 21 assistant professors and 3 lecturers) teaching and researching at this faculty. The faculty is providing educational service to 1194 students of whom 603 are BA, 470 are MA and 119 are PhD students. There are also two post-doc research fellows working in collaboration with our faculty members.







Clinical psychology




Educational psychology


Knowledge and information science



Archival studies



Information management



Information (data) recovery



Pre-school and primary education



Educational planning and management



Educational management



History and philosophy of education






Curriculum studies