Since the establishment of the university in 1964, physical education has been one of the courses offered to students of all majors. The establishment of gym complexes in 1968 and the university pool in 1969 paved the way for providing better sport services to students. In 1994, physical education set up its own faculty by offering bachelor's degree in teaching physical education, and physical education and sport sciences. The faculty is proud of being dedicated to promoting physical education for people with disabilities in the first 10 years of its activities.  With the gradual expansion of the faculty, in terms of space and faculty members, the MA programs in sport physiology and motor behavior were launched in 2003 and 2010. There are currently 17 faculty members and 3 sport trainers teaching and researching at the faculty.






Sport sciences/sport biosciences


Sport sciences/ sport humanities


Sport sciences


Motor behavior/ motor control and learning


Motor behavior/ motor development


Motor behavior/ teaching physical education


Sport Physiology/ applied sport physiology


Sport Physiology/ pure sport physiology


Sport management/ management of sport centers and facilities


Sport management/sports marketing


Sport management/strategic management in sports organization